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Born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky in July of 1976, Alana Evans has enjoyed a long-running career in adult entertainment.  Shortly after her birth, her parents divorced and Alana moved with her mother to Northern California where she grew up.  She was married at the age of eighteen albeit an open marriage, which allowed them both the freedom to explore their sexuality which they did with gusto, frequenting swingers’ clubs together.  In accordance with their chosen lifestyle, Alana and her husband bought a partial interest in a local strip club as both a lifestyle and financial investment.  It was at that strip club that Alana set off on what would turn out to be a career that would span decades. 
One night at their strip club Alana stepped up and tried her hand at erotic dancing.  As it turned out she was a natural at erotic dancing, her shaking that ass and siding up and down the pole brought the house down and made it rain.  Soon addicted to the attention and cash that rained down on her when she took to the stage, Alana expanded out to dancing at other area clubs where she enjoyed similar successes.  Looking for more money and attention, Alana coveted the headliner position in the lineup, though as she discovered there were only two routes to that tier of dancing, getting photographed for a major adult magazine’s centerfold or going into XXX porn.  Weighing her options, Alana decided that going the porn route was more attainable and thus a new career was born.
With her natural and completely genuine enthusiasm for sex, going into porn was a match made in heaven for the 22-year old Alana and as it turned out for the industry as well, with both profiting mightily from her efforts.  Working continuously for over 15 years,  she has evolved as a performer and a person, starting out as a innocent-appearing young lady who could turn in convincing performances in the “barely legal” genre to an experienced MILF who can totally dominate her scene-mates if called upon.
Alana Evans has appeared in over 430 titles to date and her performances have received surprisingly little industry recognition though she did win an XRCO Award in 2002 for “Unsung Siren” and an AVN Award in 2007 for “Best Solo Sex Scene.” 
Alana has maintained a long-running relationship with the Playboy organization and while she has never done a pictorial spread for them, she did appear in numerous Playboy Television Network’s softcore productions and shows and following the success of her KSEX internet radio show “All in the Porn Family” she was tapped to host her own show on the Sirius/XM satellite radio’s Playboy Channel, called “Night Calls” which she has hosted since 2005. 
Alana has always been very self aware, and publicly dissatisfied with her ‘B’ cup breasts, for years stating that while she would like to improve them, she wasn’t willing to have plastic implanted in her.  She changed her mind and in 2007 got herself a new set of DD tits which fits the more mature genre roles she plays nowadays quite well. Porn Tube has a collection of Alana Evans videos spanning her career from wide-eyed innocence to mature self-assurance available for your immediate viewing.

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