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Alisha Angel is a super hot pornstar born in January in Oxnard, California.  As she relates, she has always been a hyper-sexual individual, describing herself as a “Down to earth nympho” with a love of getting fucked in the ass.  Growing up, she was very popular as she was always willing to put out and was constantly masturbating when there was no cock in the offing.  
By the time she turned 21, Alicia was already married and she and her husband were regulars on the swingers scene.  In a match seemingly made in heaven, Alicia loved to have an audience watching her get fucked and her hubby go off on watching strangers rail his wife.  Given this dynamic in their relationship, having Alicia get fucked on camera was a perfect situation for them to embark upon, with Alicia as talent and her husband working as her manager.  Additionally the porn industry has mandatory third-party testing for STDs for all performers which ensures safety while some random stranger you’d meet at a swingers’ event is a gamble that in the long run poses serious risk to one’s health.  That this activity provides a livelihood for Alicia and her husband is just gravy to this adventurous couple.
As she’s grown as a performer, Alicia has sought out new, more exciting and extreme roles that will challenge her limits and will provide her husband and her fans with a compelling new level of depravity to watch.  She’s taken some risks by appearing in some smaller budget productions for independent studios, but due to her husband’s skilled negotiations on her behalf, she appears in these movies as the star, with the coveted cover of the box photo of her counteracting the lower profile of the releasing studio and bolstering her status as a headliner when negotiating with the larger studios, who have come calling, looking to employ her talents.
Ms. Angel has appeared in over 130 titles thus far and she has gained a loyal following for the realism of her scenes.  You really get the feeling that this is a woman who if left to her own devices would probably be doing exactly what she does on film in her private life and that the presence of a camera crew is merely incidental to her performance.
When she is doing a scene there’s little in the way of “acting” taking place, and the enthusiasm displayed in Alicia’s scenes is completely genuine, which is something viewers are aware of even if sub-consciously, and it makes a tremendous difference in how a performance is perceived.  
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