Asia Carrera

About Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera is a retired pornstar who was born in New York City in August of 1973 though she was raised in the New Jersey suburbs of the metropolis.  Her mixed heritage of Japanese and German ancestry imparted an exotic look to this beauty which she parlayed into a prolific and lucrative career in XXX porn.  

Not just a pretty face and a collection of willing holes, even in her childhood her prodigious intellect was already quite evident. Asia was the New Jersey’s Spelling Bee Champion, a member of the National Mathematics League, Spanish National Honor Society, and placed in the National Geography, Language Arts, and Mathematics Olympiads. She played classical piano at Carnegie Hall at 13 & 14 and taught Colloquial English at Tsuruga College in Japan at the age of 16. Ms. Carrera attended the world-famous Performing Arts High School, was a National Merit Scholarship Winner with a score of 1440 on her SAT's, and was named a Garden State Scholar.  Her prodigious achievements won her a full academic scholarship to Rutgers University with a double-major in Business and Japanese, however she did not graduate. Finally, she was accepted into Mensa, the organization for people who can demonstrate a 98th percentile level of intelligence.

For all of her intelligence and academic achievements her home life was not a happy one and she ran away from home over her parent’s ceaseless drive for ever greater accomplishments and that they forbade her any social interaction with her classmates.  Asia managed to get by for a while staying with friends and even slept in a tent, but eventually the authorities found out she was homeless and placed her into foster care.  On her eighteenth birthday she left the foster home, and managed to scrape by for the month or so until she entered Rutgers and her scholarship kicked in.

While she was attending college Asia was still on financially shaky ground and turned to stripping as a way to earn some cash to make ends meet.  She was soon one of the most popular and highest earning strippers in New Jersey and decided to drop out of school to pursue making as much money as she could.  To that end, she spoke to a friend about entering the porn industry and shortly thereafter made the pilgrimage to Los Angeles’ “Porn Valley” and got herself cast in a solo series entitled “Radical Affairs Video Magazine” where she met producer and future first husband, Bud Lee.  Bud immediately cast the 20 year old starlet in hardcore productions and her career immediately took off.  Within two years she had been named the 2005 AVN Awards’ “Performer of the Year.”

With a career that encompassed 400 titles and three directorial credits, Asia was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2001 and retired from Porn in 2003, the same year she divorced Bud Lee, though the pair remain close friends to this day.  Asia lost her second husband to a car accident in 2006 leaving her with two small children to raise and although she has had her struggles, she remains active with many non-porn projects and maintains an active internet presence to stay accessible to her fans.

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