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Date of Birth
May 21, 1981

(Bella, Bella Donna, Belladona)

Born in Biloxi, Mississippi in May of 1981, Pornstar Belladonna moved with her Mormon family to Salt Lake City, Utah at a very early age where she grew up. Purportedly of mixed German, Scottish and Native American ancestry, she was the second of seven siblings, and was rebellious from a very early age. She was midway through her teens when she left her family home and dropped out of school, staying with friends and working several retail jobs at her local mall. By the time Belladonna turned 18, she had already been living on her own for three years and was jaded beyond her years. She began erotic dancing at a local strip club, and it was there that by chance she met an adult entertainment agent who was there to meet one of her fellow dancers. She was on an airplane flying to Los Angeles and her destiny the very next day. From her very first scene, Belladonna cemented her reputation as a “yes girl,” the industry term for ladies who have little to no limits on what they’ll do for the cameras. Her first film, “Real Sex Magazine” not only featured anal sex, but also involved an on-camera enema as well as a golden shower, which Belladonna performed without complaint. Shortly thereafter she took on twelve men for a prison-themed gangbang while menstruating. As word spread abut her lack of limits, she became the industry’s go-to girl for the most challenging roles that directors could dream up, reputedly pulling down over six figures in her first year of fucking and sucking for the cameras. She was soon one of the biggest stars working in L.A.’s infamous “Porn Valley.” Her fame soon brought her mainstream attention and for approximately two years she was followed by a film crew from ABC News for an in-depth story on the life and times of one of the biggest stars in XXX porn. During an interview with Diane Sawyer that was part of the story, Belladonna had a bit of a breakdown and cried on camera, and somewhat predictably, ABC chose to highlight what they saw as the dark side of porn. The exposure certainly helped push Belladonna to further heights of fame however and her website had a rush of over 80,000 unique visitors in the 24 house following the airing of the piece and sales of her videos skyrocketed. Thus far Belladonna has appeared before the cameras in over 300 films and has helmed the director’s chair for 87 titles; along the way she has been nominated for over 60 major porn awards and has won 10 AVN Awards, a F.A.M.E Award for “Dirtiest Girl in Porn”, a Ninfa Prize for “Best Actress” and an XBIZ lifetime achievement award for her “Directorial Body of Work” as well as being inducted into AVN’s Hall of Fame. Belladonna married Aiden Kelly in 2004 and the two formed their own production company, Belladonna Entertainment which distributes through Evil Angel. Porn Tube has this one woman brand name in a collection of the scenes that have made her an industry powerhouse.

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