Briana Banks

About Briana Banks

Briana Banks is a pornstar who was actually born in Munich, Germany and then moved to Britain and then California all while she was growing up. She had a difficult time growing up and was emancipated from her estranged family and even won a custody battle to become guardian over her sister. Even as a girl Brianna was lovely and modeled for print magazines geared towards teen girls. However she could never make enough money to support herself and her sister doing only this kind of work.

She took jobs doing all sorts of things from delivering pizza to working as a retail salesperson and even doing secretarial work. In 1999 when Briana was entering her twenties, she ran across an advertisement looking for nude models. While she had her qualms about doing modeling while naked, she also knew that she had to do something different in order to make ends meet. She was accepted and was soon modeling nude for softcore magazines. With her instant popularity, Briana was signed to do her first hardcore scene for the film "University Coeds 18" from Legendary Dane studios. Her scene was with male pornstar Brandon Iron and she performed under the alias name Mirage for this and several of her earliest films.
After some extreme hardcore scenes that she performed in, Briana took some time off and got herself together better before making a comeback with her newly enhanced breasts. Her stage name was now and forever after Briana Banks and her first film upon returning was "Decadent Divas 8" from Feline Films. It's a three way lesbian scene for Ms. Banks and she also appears in the sequel with her picture adorning the DVD box cover as well. In fact, Briana Banks is nearly always on the box cover photographs of the movies that she performs in.
Briana Banks is one of the most favorite pornstars among softcore and hardcore porn lovers worldwide. Not only for her stunning beauty, but also because of her pure and obvious lust that comes out when she's performing in a scene. She has come a long way from the very shy girl to the bold and dirty talking pornstar of these days. Her list of films has grown to more than 275 titles in addition to too many web only and photo galleries to count.

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