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Born in Burbank, California in May of 1974, Carolyn Reese is the quintessential MILF.  Sporting all-natural 36D tits with curvy remaining measurements of a 26” waist and 36” hips. She has always aspired to be a naked sex symbol ever since she discovered her significantly older sister’s husband’s stash of Playboy Magazines at the tender age of 10, sometimes spending hours studying the photos contained in it while hiding out in her bathroom.  
Later Carolyn became a successful hair and make-up artist for mainstream movies and television, a profession she left once her porn career got off the ground.  Explaining why she preferred to be a pornstar to her old “respectable” profession, she states “ You don’t get fucked on film when you’re a make up artist, and nothing turns me on more than getting fucked with people watching...  I also like getting paid for sex, It makes me feel like a big whore.” elaborating, “..I’ve always had it. I’m a really sweet, down-to-Earth girl next door, but I like to feel like a dirty slut, ‘cause it gets me off.” That’s certainly a winning attitude for the XXX porn business.
Her odyssey into the world of voyeurism and subsequently to porn production was started with her ex long-term boyfriend who liked to take her to swinger parties and watch her get fucked by strangers with big cocks, awakening her exhibitionist streak.  After they had broken-up she started doing some non-sexual roles in BDSM flicks, but the ultimate turn on for her is a crowd watching her getting thoroughly fucked, something that is part and parcel of filming a porn scene, where you have an entire crew intently watching your every move, not to mention the millions of viewers who will eventually be watching from home.
Even though she didn’t shoot her first XXX film until she was 33, Carolyn has rapidly built up quite a resume of nearly 200 films to date for which she has received tow AVN Award nominations, the first in 2009 for “Best All-Girl Group Scene” for her work in “Bad News Bitches 8”, loosely based on the famous baseball comedy movies with a similar name.  
2011 saw another AVN nomination, this time for “Best Group Sex Scene” for her appearance “BATFXXX”, and though she didn’t land the trophy in either case, her output remains high both in terms of quantity and quality so a “win” is surely in her future.  Carolyn is very much in demand within the Big Boob and MILF genres and as of this writing is keeping her anal sex talents strictly off-camera, keeping her powder dry until such time as she might need to roll it out should interest in her exploits ever start to wane
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