Catalina Cruz

Catalina Cruz Porn Videos

Date of Birth
September 18, 1979

(Jenna Z)

She was born on September 18th 1979 in Cleveland Ohio, currently lives in Arizona and is actually Slovenian by ethnicity. Before her career began in 2007, she would pose for nude photos as a means for extra cash. She admits to being a “former fitness model gone sexually wild” and is well known for her Oral giving abilities. She even has a website that teaches fellow cock suckers the traits and art of perfecting a blowjob.

  • : Morning tweets & to the ones that are rude and really don't know me, a message from Ted... 49 minutes ago
  • : Back from a bday dinner with the family. Laughed til it hurt. Love times like this:) Was a much needed day. Hope your night is going smooth. 13 hours ago

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