About Cherokee

Cherokee was born in Kentucky and she has long black hair and is of Native American heritage. She was a virgin until the age of 20 when she first had sex with a man and then 2 years later had her first girl on girl encounter. She worked as an exotic dancer for a while and still likes to do some feature dancing. In 2002 she got into making porn movies with one of her first being "Farmer's Daughters Do College" from Legend Video. The scene is a threesome with Brittany Skye and Joel Lawrence who receives a blowjob from each girl before fucking each of them in turn.

She performs another threesome scene in the film "Fast Forward" which was produced about the same time by Wicked Pictures. This time it's with Jezebelle Bond and Lee Stone in a similar scene but this time Cherokee receives the facial cumshot. Most of her performances during her first year or so were all similar hardcore scenes where it's just pussy fucking and cock sucking with an occasional facial cumshot. She did perform in some lesbian scenes as well such as in "Pussy Foot'n" from Zaye Entertainment. In this film she has a lesbian threesome with her co-stars Daisy Dukes and Goldie McHawn.
Cherokee describes herself as a real bisexual and in fact before she entered the industry she had an equal number of boyfriends and girlfriends. She has never done an anal sex scene in a film except for in lesbian scenes with sex toys. In 2005 however there was a rumor that she was now doing anal scenes and she had to work hard to put a stop to the rumor. She felt it would hurt her pay rates and that studios would only want to book her for anal scenes unless she fought the rumor. She is a pornstar who simply doesn't want to do anal sex and so was hurt by it getting out there that she would.
The following year she made her directorial debut with the films "Dominators 2" and "Syrens Of Sex 2" which both received good reviews. In 2011 however Cherokee retired from the adult industry after performing in more than 260 films. Her fans wish she would come back to making movies sometime soon because there is simply nobody who can take her place.

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