Cindy Crawford

About Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is a pornstar who is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She always wears her hair blonde even though she is naturally brunette being part American-Indian. She had been working as a stripper in her hometown when one evening in 2002 a man was flirting with her on the freeway. She motioned for him to pull over which he did and she eventually asked him what he did for a living. He said he makes movies and after learning it was porn movies, she told him that if he got her into adult movies she would fuck him.
Her first film was called "Barely 18 1" from Sin City and it was directed by Bud Lee and Michael Raven. She appears in the very first scene along with costar Dillon Day who she would later call one of her favorite partners. They're sitting on a sofa making out when she removes her top and he starts playing with her nice tits. It's not long before he goes down on her pussy too and licks it well. After Cindy sucks on his cock he fucks her from behind while she rubs her clit. The ending comes in the form of a big facial cumshot which she licks and sucks clean.
Cindy was signed with Jill Kelly Productions only a year or so into her career and one of the films that she worked on with them contained her very first anal sex scene ever. Not only was it her first anal scene, it was the first time she had ever had anal sex in her life. The lucky man was Alex Rox and she remembers how much she loved how it felt. After that very first scene she has been a lover of anal sex and would even go on to double penetrations and gang bangs afterwards. She can even gape her asshole on demand which can be hard for a lot of performers to do.
Cindy Crawford had her own line of films while she was with Jill Kelly which was called "Cindy's Way." The first installment was in 2004 and featured her very first double penetration scene ever. She is still an active performer with more than 395 titles to her credit.

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