Courtney Simpson

About Courtney Simpson


Courtney Simpson had a short but astoundingly prolific career, appearing in at least 200 titles in a career that ran less than three years.  Born in May of 1985 and raised within a devout Mormon family in Mesa, Arizona, Courtney was an excellent student and an accomplished gymnast, winning a national championship on the uneven bars.  Her extremely sheltered upbringing left her perhaps a bit unprepared for the temptations of the wider world, as she soon discovered when she began attending Arizona State University.
Courtney had always intended to remain a virgin until she was married, but in the highly-charged atmosphere of her freshman year in college she only lasted until October before giving up the goodies, awakening a monster long denied within her and transforming her into a full-on sex machine.  Not content with bedding her fellow classmates, Courtney was soon answering nude modeling ads and giving blowjobs to strangers for small time Arizona-based websites followed soon thereafter by commuting between ASU and California’s San Fernando Valley, the world capital of porn production, eventually leaving college and moving there to fully engage in her newfound role of XXX pornstar.
Her work ethic was legendary and her gymnast training served her well, allowing her to achieve some jaw-dropping positions much to her costars and fan’s delight.  Early in her career she had an unfortunate experience filming with the infamous Max Hardcore, which caused her to eliminate anal from her on-screen repertoire, as well as causing her to fire her agent. She also refused to allow her costars to cum inside of her, reserving that honor for the men in her off-screen life.
From her own accounts, Courtney really enjoyed being a pornstar and couldn’t believe how fortunate she was, fucking for a living, but it put a major strain on her relationship with her extremely religious family who discovered her profession when someone left photographs of Courtney “at work” on their doorstep.  
Courtney did quite a bit of gonzo-style porn, but she most enjoyed performing in big budget productions, where there was some plot to work with and the trappings of a real Hollywood movie set, with make-up artists and lavish catering and production assistants scurrying around setting up the shots.  She was working towards her goal of breaking through to the mainstream, shooting softcore productions for HBO and Cinemax’s late night programming, and in 2006 announced her intention to limit her appearances to girl on girl scenes followed by leaving the industry altogether less than a year later. She reportedly returned to Arizona to resume her studies, more worldly and quite a bit richer than her first time around.
Courtney’s performances are quite compelling, combining genuine innocence with superhuman flexibility and the sex drive of a true nympho, she was destined to be a superstar of porn, her career cut short just as she was reaching her prime.
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