About Cytherea


Born to a poor single mother in September of 1981, Cytherea was something of an “ugly duckling” growing up and was relentlessly ridiculed in school for her awkward appearance and shy personality.  Her status changed however when her mother remarried and she gained an older sister who made it her mission to defend her new sibling from the bullies who were taunting her.  Freed from persecution, and helped by the changes wrought by puberty, Cytherea went on to become quite popular becoming a cheerleader in high school and following her graduation she started her own Yahoo Group where she posted nude photos of herself.  An adult entertainment talent scout, seeing her pictures and the reaction of the group members to her postings, offered Cytherea a role in a XXX movie, and while she was unsure if she would be comfortable fucking and sucking for the cameras, once she was exposed to the production process, which she loved, she knew she had found her calling.
No biography of Cytherea would be complete without mentioning her astounding squirting capabilities, allegedly capable of sending a stream of female ejaculate over twelve feet.  It is this talent for which she is most well-known, earning her the nicknames “Squirtwoman” and “The Goddess of Gush”. Squirting is hardly her only talent though,  Cytherea is also quite adept at deep throating and expresses a love of anything oral, she has also stated that she loves facial cumshots most of all. She has recently also gotten into the BDSM fetish scene. 
Cytherea has appeared in nearly 350 titles to date, and has received a number of major porn awards, including an XRCO Award for “Teen Cream Dream” in 2004, an AVN Award for “Best New Starlet” in 2005.  While Cytherea took some time off from the porn business starting in 2007, she returned refreshed and remodeled, sporting a new set of tits, upgraded from ‘B’ to ‘D’ cups, still looking as beautiful as ever and earned herself an XRCO Award Nomination for “Best Cumback” in 2012.
Cytherea has also garnered attention outside of performing hardcore porn, with appearances on HBO’s “Sex Games: Vegas”, Playboy TV’s “Night Call” as well as guesting on the Tom Leykis and Howard Stern radio shows in addition to hosting her own internet radio show on the now-defunct KSEX radio network.
Porn Tube has Cytherea in some of her most memorable scenes, showering her costars with her glorious eruptions of pussy juice, all available instantly and for free.  See for yourself this woman whose mound is as explosive as Old Faithful, though much more exciting to watch.  It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the film crew wearing ponchos as a precaution when shooting her scenes and after witnessing her in action, it’s likely you’ll need to do some clean-up as well.

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