Deja Daire

About Deja Daire

Deja Daire is a pornstar who is originally from Massachusetts but more recently from Arizona. She had moved there with the intention of attending some university courses but when she started doing some stripping and dancing in her free time, it lead her to performing in adult movies. One of her first movie appearances was in the film "Attention Whores" which was produced by JM Productions. Her scene is a threesome and while she sucks on one guy's cock the other is rimming her ass. She gets her pussy fucked and also has anal sex in the scene with the end coming when both of the guys give her a facial cumshot.
With her looks being very much in line with the gothic style it was no surprise when she was cast in "Gothsend 2" from DVSX studios in 2005. The first scene in the movie begins with Ms. Dare pushing a glass dildo into her tight pussy in a darkened room. Her costar Sascha comes in and he lies on the bed with his hard dick sticking up for her to mount, which she does. After some pussy fucking and some pussy licking and dick sucking, he penetrates her asshole and they fuck anally in a few positions before he ejaculates onto her face.
Deja appears in a pre-scene interview where she speaks about her upbringing and how her family feels about her profession. In fact, she was the kind of person who was the nonconformist of the family. When everyone else seemed to go right, she would go left and so forth. She describes herself as kind of a slut but she also avoided any serious trouble while growing up. Her family knows of her career path and while it would not be their very first career choice for her, they are supportive. As long as she is happy and taking care of herself then they have nothing to complain about. The boyfriend she had at the time also knew of her career and didn't mind at all.
Deja Daire is still listed as an active adult performer. She has appeared in more than 157 films so far during her career with the most recent being an interracial performance with Brian Pumper in the film "Interracial Lovin'" from Onyx studios in 2013. She is a favorite among anal sex fans and double penetration aficionados.

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