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About Devon Michaels


Petite but musclebound pornstar Devon Michaels is a bit unusual in that her primary career was as a bodybuilder and a fitness model where she made quite a name for herself before turning to stripping as a supplemental income source.  She made a single XXX movie with her husband back in 1995, but it was something of a one-off, and she instead continued to focus her efforts on her fitness-related endeavors and her popular dance act rather than pursuing porn-stardom.
Devon’s non-porn career was humming along nicely, and her work gained her a number of industry awards.  She was awarded “Adult Entertainer of the Year” and Adult Entertainment’s “Hottest Body” for both 1997 and 1998, “Feature Entertainer of the Year” for 1998, as well as “Centerfold Model of the Year” and “Fitness Centerfold Model of the Year” in 1999.
Following her second divorce, Devon was attending The Exotica Dancer convention in Las Vegas when she bumped into a porn producer, who being familiar with her earlier porn video and her extraordinary body and erotic dancing skills, made her an offer she’d be silly to refuse.  He offered her a role with no audition and no pressure to complete a scene; just show up, give it a try and if at any point she changed her mind she could simply walk away, no harm, no foul.  That fateful scene turned out to be a five-way lesbian orgy and after shooting the scene, Devon realized that not only did she find the action quite enjoyable, it would further bolster her already successful erotic dance career with each XXX scene serving as an advert for her strip act.
Ms. Michaels has appeared in over 100 adult films to date and was honored with a nomination for an AVN Award for “Best Sex Scene” in 2007.  She has parlayed her earnings into becoming co-owner of two strip clubs and continues to perform as a fitness model, dancer and of course a XXX pornstar.
With musculature that would do many a man proud, Devon softened her look by adding a beautiful set of ‘D’ cup implants, explaining how her original breasts were ‘AA’s due to her ceaseless exercise and restricted diet.  The fact that her working out accentuated how small they were was not lost on her.  She claims that she was totally comfortable with her body as it was, but recognized as a stripper having big boobs would have a very positive effect on her tips, a theory that proved itself out in the field where her gratuities for her dancing shot skyward after the implants’ installation.
In an interview Devon said that she continues to do porn to keep herself from doing it with every other guys she meets.  She says she hasn’t had much luck with relationships as every guy she gets serious with eventually gets jealous of her stripping and porn work and tries to get her to quit, not giving any thought to the amount of money she would be giving up.  She has resolved to only have casual relationships going forward to avoid repeating this gut-wrenching eventuality.
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