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Ginger Lea is a pornstar who comes from the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada who had her start in the business in 2005. She was entering her thirties when she got her porn career off the ground. Prior to that she had worked in a retail sales position for a number of years and did some artistic nude and fashion photographs on the side. Her pictures appeared on a website and she got a call from a porn producer who gave her the idea that she should try out for some adult roles. After getting a poor agent to start with, she eventually found a good agency to represent her and got some work.
One of the first adult films that she appeared in was called "Dirty Little Secrets" and was produced by Bluebird Films. She has a hardcore scene with male costar Jack Lawrence who meets her in the library. The pair start to screw around with him licking and fingering her nice pussy. She then sucks on his cock and slides each of his balls into her mouth as well. They have intercourse in a few different positions right there in the library before he gives her a facial cumshot to bring the scene to a close.
In an interview that she gave a couple of years into her adult film career, Ginger answered a few questions about herself. She talks about how when she was having sex for the first time she was drunk and things didn't work out because her pussy was so tight. She stayed with the same boyfriend and about two months later they finally had intercourse. She was never much of a slut in her personal life before her porn career. She had also never had lesbian sex until she performed in porn movies. Now that she's tried screwing other women she really likes it saying that women are so much softer and they tend to be much more sensual too.
Ginger Lea finally retired from the adult industry in 2010 after having appeared in about 50 films. She was also shown on many internet sites and did some exclusive content for some of those. Her many fans love her MILF and mature performances where she really shines as a 30 something woman with a 20 something body. Her sexual energy is always present in her performances and will be missed.

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