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Date of Birth
April 8, 1967

(Janet Exposed)

Janet Mason is a pornstar who comes from Los Angeles, California and has naturally red hair. She got her start in the adult entertainment business in 1998 along with her husband Steve who started a website for her. The couple had always been into swinging and the hot wife lifestyle so capturing it in pictures and video was a natural extension for them. The couple also run some mainstream business which is their primary income and maintain their adult site as a side business to this day. One of Janet's first porn movies was called "Bodybuilder Cock 1: Getting Down With Lo-Down" and was released in the year 2000. She also began a series called "College Cock" which features her fucking several different black men over the course of several years. The first installment, "College Cock 1: Mr. Big" see's her fucking a college stud with a long cock and she's stroking him and sucking him off. She uses both of her hands to jerk his dick and then she mounts him and fucks him hard and fast. The camera captures her super sexy ass while she strokes the full length of his dick with her pussy. He unloads his cum inside of her pussy at the end of the scene. There would be a total of 9 episodes in this popular series over the next seven years. Janet also performs a series called "Foot Fetish Fever" which revolves around her lovely and tiny size 4 1/2 feet. This series ran a full 12 episodes over 8 years. Ms. Mason's line of pro-am movies has been some of the most successful in the industry and with a body and fetishes like hers it's easy to see why. She loves having sex with black men and women and one of her favorite things is cum, whether it's on her face or inside of her pussy she just enjoys everything about cum. Janet Mason is still an actively performing pornstar with more than 200 film titles so far during her long career. Her husband and partner still runs her website with her and also their mainstream business. She has no regrets and would do it all over again with no changes if she could. She has directed more than 70 titles and loves women as much as men having performed in a large number of all girl films too.

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