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A real odd-ball within the XXX porn business, Katie Morgan was a home-schooled “good girl”, born and raised in the working class Reseda neighborhood of Los Angeles in an extremely conservative Catholic family.  When she finally came of age and got out into the world, her cloistered upbringing left her ill-prepared for life in on the outside, and as the result of a series of spectacularly bad decisions found herself arrested by border patrol agents while trying to smuggle 100 pounds of marijuana into the United States from Mexico.  Her lawyer, who coincidentally already had a stripper as a client, suggested that she might be able to fund her defense with some work within the adult entertainment industry.  In a surprising turn of events Katie rapidly ascended to the top of the porn business, before negotiating the usually impossible transition to mainstream stardom.
Katie was never the typical jaded pornstar, she had hardly any sexual experiences before she began fucking on film, in fact she had only had one halting, furtive experience with a girl in her teens prior to showing up on set to film her first girl-girl sex scene, and she credits her costar in the scene, Brandy Lyons with making the experience pleasant and gently initiating her in the pleasures of lesbian sex.  Her genuine innocence gained her many fans, though it sometimes posed unique challenges when shooting her scenes.  Her upbringing resulted in a girl who was very uncomfortable with cursing and dirty talk, and would only do it if specifically prompted by her director; and even then it was a crap shoot as to whether she would be able to deliver the line without falling apart with laughter or otherwise losing her composure due her discomfort using what she as she called them “potty words” which often resulted in additional work editing the scene in post-production.
Her story and vibrant personality were such that she was cast in a number of HBO productions including “Pornocopia- Going Down in the Valley”, “Katie Morgan on Sex Toys”, “Katie Morgan: Porn 101”, Katie Morgan’s Sex Tips: Questions, Anyone?” and “Katie Morgan: A Porn Star Revealed” she also made an appearance in a cameo role playing herself in the hit HBO series “Entourage”.
Katie hosted a radio show as well for a time, but her ticket out of porn came in the form of a role in hollywood legend Kevin Smith’s mainstream romantic comedy “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” in which Katie played a supporting role, and on the set of which she met the man that was to become her husband, officially ending her career in adult entertainment.
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