Kelly Kline

About Kelly Kline

Kelly Kline is a slim sexy pornstar who hails from the city of Greensboro, North Carolina. Her body is all natural and she doesn't even have a single tattoo or body piercing. Some porn fans love that look and for those fans Kelly is the perfect girl next door who loves to fuck. The first year that she was in the porn industry was 2006 and one of the first films she appears in was called "Nothing Underneath" from Simon Wolf productions. Her scene is hardcore fucking and sucking with Richard who also has the pleasure of fucking her tight ass too.
Another early film of hers was called "Liquid" and was a Nectar Entertainment film directed by Marty Zion. Ms. Kline is in a lesbian scene with Charlie Laine who is teasing the camera and beginning to finger her own pussy when Kelly arrives. She goes down on her costar and licks her pussy before using a blue dildo inside of it. The ladies swap positions and now it's Kelly who is being licked and getting her pussy toyed with expert care and precision. The two beautiful girls kiss for the remainder of the hot all girl sex scene.
In the 2004 movie "Violation of Audrey Hollander", Kelly is actually in both of the scenes in the movie. Firstly paired with Ashley Blue in an office the girls are giving a blowjob to a glass dildo. Once warmed up they start having sex with each other and using the dildo inside of their pussies. Kelly pushes the hard toy into Ashley's tight ass too. In the final scene of the movie it's a six girl orgy and toy fucking session and the toys include a baseball bat and a giant dildo which is even larger. The movie earned Kelly an XRCO award for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene and an AVN award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene too.
Kelly Kline has retired from the adult industry after having performed in more than 249 films and directing 3. She is beloved by porn fans who especially like girls with no breast augmentation and no tattoos or implants. With so many hot scenes she will be enjoyed for a long time to come even as more new fans come online and purchase her DVD's.

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