Kelly Wells

About Kelly Wells


The high priestess of kink, Kelly Wells is an otherwise normal-appearing girl who was born and raised in the tiny town of Fulton, Illinois, just across the Mississippi River from Iowa.  Given the smallness of the community in which she grew up, there was little opportunity, sexual or otherwise, so after barely graduating high school, and wasting two years in college, Kelly headed out to Las Vegas, Nevada to begin her adult life in earnest. 
Ms. Wells was working as a technician in a pharmacy pulling down about $300.00 a week and struggling to make ends meet when her boyfriend at the time suggested she might make more money doing something else, so she went out and got herself a job as a stripper at a Vegas gentlemen’s club.  She was pulling down some serious cash as a stripper, but a fellow stripper told her there was even more money to be made taking loads in front of a camera and got her in contact with an agent and so at the age of 20 Kelly made her XXX screen debut.
Initially Kelly was only in porn for the paycheck, but as she became comfortable with the business, she began to really enjoy it, particularly getting off on humiliation and domination scenes which many young starlets shy away from.  As her on-screen reputation for depraved smut continued to evolve she became as she describes it, a “sexual dare-devil”, performing more and more extreme acts that gained her many fans anxious to see what unnatural sexual feat Kelly would take on next.  
She became legendary for gangbang videos, double vaginal and double anal penetration, taking truly enormous cocks ass to mouth all the while looking for the next nasty frontier to conquer.  There doesn’t seem to be any act that she will say no to and the more filthy the act the more see seems to like it.  She taped some scenes with domination legend Max Hardcore early on in her career that were banned by many distributors as being just too hot to handle and is always on the lookout for roles that oftentimes shock casual porn viewers but have a ready audience among fans of hardcore/extreme porn aficionados, appearing in over 500 titles to date.
PornTube has Kelly “Fucking” Wells in over a hundred of her hottest scenes, but be forewarned, when a girl chooses “fucking” as her middle name it’s a tell that you’re in for some of the most extreme hardcore action out there.  This is a girl with no limits and softcore romantic “Couples Porn” is not in the offing, and to be honest, her legions of fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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