Kinzie Kenner

About Kinzie Kenner


Born in July of 1984 and raised in a conservative Christian family, growing up Kinsie Kenner was always into athletic activities, particularly dance as it allowed her an outlet to express herself outside of the restrictions placed on her activities by her parents. This desire for self-expression and a natural predilection for performing had young Kinzie clowning for cameras all her life, pretending to host a talk show or to be a pop star, singing the latest hits with her hair teased high for the family camcorder.
Growing up Kinzie considered herself a feminist and in keeping with her yet immature worldview, didn’t really like guys instead experimenting with her girlfriends for her sexual gratification.  She was grown up and earning money by painting houses and making sandwiches at a franchised sub shop when a girlfriend of hers who had recently gotten into porn invited her to come along and observe her shooting a hardcore scene.  Kinzie enjoyed the experience and decided that performing erotic acts for the cameras might be a fun way for her to earn a living.
Starting slow, Kinzie began her career doing solo scenes and lingerie videos, progressing to lesbian scenes before making the transition to being a full-fledged pornstar.  Kinsie describes this slow rollout as serving two purposes, first building suspense and a desire to see more for her growing fanbase and secondly she wanted to acclimate to having sex in front of the cameras and the film crews, which is an intimidating prospect under the best of circumstances.  Kinzie says she knew she was ready to move to the next level when she was able to routinely achieve orgasms in the scenes she was performing.  When Kinzie finally began performing scenes with men, she felt like a whole new side of herself had been awakened and she now really enjoys getting worked over by a hard cock.
Kinzie Kenner has appeared in over 130 films so far and she has been honored with the 2006 XRCO “Cream Dream” award.  Kinzie loves working in porn and states that she has met lots of really cool people, her favorite male costar is Tommy Gunn who she describes as really sweet and her favorite female costar is Michelle Lei.  Despite starting out as somewhat restrained and inexperienced, Kinzie has evolved into one of adult entertainment’s premiere “dirty talkers” and has additionally branched out into fetish roles, in a clear indication of how comfortable she has become as a professional cock socket.
Ever the performer, Kinzie dreams of one day opening her own performing arts center, and teaching people to sing, dance, act and play musical instruments, until then Kinzie is having a great time having sex on camera and basking in the adulation of her fans.
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