Krystal Steal

About Krystal Steal


Primarily a high-end erotic dancer who has very selectively appeared in porn, Krystal Steal has truly mastered the “less is more” technique of brand management.  Born in November 1982 in Orange County, California where she resides to this day, Krystal has a long-running and extremely lucrative career as a dancer in the most exclusive men’s clubs on the West Coast in addition to performing for high-roller bachelor parties and private shows for some of Southern California’s most influential power brokers.  Her clientele was constantly suggesting that she should get into porn, and while she was initially resistant she eventually had a friend arrange for her to do a scene.  Much to her surprise, Krystal found that she loved performing for the camera and viewing her scenes it’s obvious the camera loves her right back.
Standing at 5’ 5” with perfect measurements, simply put Krystal Steal is built for sex and is as near-perfection as one could imagine.  The quality of her bod is mirrored by her commitment to bringing quality performances to her fans.  She is notoriously picky about who she will appear with, rightfully assessing that viewers can pick up subtle cues that the chemistry is lacking in a scene; particularly when performing with other women, who according to Krystal are often “gay for pay” in the porn business and those that aren’t really into women can’t help but submit minimum performances while Krystal only believes in delivering to the max. She describes herself as a true bisexual, and relates how she got teased growing up for her orientation, but headstrong as she is she didn’t allow the jeers to change her behavior and has always remained true to herself.
Her extreme selectivity has resulted in a career that while relatively low in title count, with 85 titles over the course of nearly a decade, show a consistency of passion and quality that is unmatched in the industry.  Krystal’s management of her image over the years has meant that she won’t perform anal or service more than two men in a scene, but her careful cultivation of her image and extremely careful casting choices have made her product the gold standard upon which others’ work is judged.  Sure she’s picky, and lord knows everyone wants to see that perfect ass thoroughly fucked, but perhaps because of her self-imposed limitations her every video release is greedily snatched up by her legions of fans who have come to know that when Krystal Steal is in a scene, quality is assured.
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Page Views: 86,609 | Ranking: 0342 | Measurements: 34D-24-34 | Height: 5'5" | Date of Birth: 11|29|1982