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Sexy blonde Kylee Reese was born and raised in Reno Nevada, and was a cheerleader while she was in school.  Her path to XXX porn is fairly typical, she had always been a very sexual person and something of a freak in bed, and found herself drawn to sexually charged employment which resulted in her becoming an erotic dancer in a local strip club as soon as it was legal for her to do so.
Over the course of her stripping career she became friendly with some touring pornstars who were passing through, parlaying their cock handling fame into dollars in strip clubs across the country, and ever inquisitive, Kylee pumped them for whatever information they could teach her.  They put her touch with a modeling agency in Los Angeles and in no time at all she was packing her bags and heading for porn valley to embark on her new XXX career.
Kylee ended up roommates with fellow pornstar Claire Dames with whom she gets along famously, joking that they are the “neighborhood hussies” as neither of them has a man, and as for Kylee, she’s quite content “slutting around”.  She finds it difficult to maintain a relationship, her last boyfriend was a trust fund baby who broke up with her when his parents threatened to cut him off for dating a pornstar and men from outside the porn business find her profession very intimidating. While she is attracted to piercings and tattoos, more often than not she finds herself in relationships with more “normal” types.
Kylee’s onscreen exploits aside, she describes her life off-screen as fairly boring, and is not much of a party person.  She’s more a homebody-type who likes to spend her off time in comfortable clothes relaxing with a good book or searching around on the internet.  That’s perhaps not what one would imagine of a hot young pornstar, but her down to earth style and easy-going nature is a great deal more appealing than a high-strung diva would be, and her inability to land a steady man is baffling.
Keeping in mind the limited time that most pornstars have to complete their career arc, Kylee is preparing for the future by studying real estate and business books, though she admits to not even having a checking account, instead leaving a shoot and immediately cashing her check to go shopping.  Hopefully her closet will eventually fill and she’ll be able to start squirreling away her earnings so she’ll be able to put the real estate and business knowledge she’s acquiring to good use.  Either that or she’ll need to land herself a good man.
Kylee describes her preferred sexual encounter as consisting of her, and other woman and a man, as she puts it, “A cock and a pussy, how can you go wrong?” It really makes you wonder, How is this hot little minx single? She looks and sounds like the perfect woman!
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