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A native of California of 100 percent Korean ancestry, Lucy Lee had a brilliant but short career in XXX Porn. Originally an ‘A’ cup, Lucy had her breasts enlarged to quite natural-looking ‘C’s which complimented her quite curvy for an Asian 36-24-36 frame.  She has stated in interviews that she had been desirous of bigger tits for the longest time, and though plenty of her fans loved her as a small-breasted chick, she really didn’t feel like she was measuring up to her full potential with the tits that nature had given her.  
After trying various non-surgical methods to plump up her boobs such as taking hormone pills, she decided to resort to the knife to bring them up to her self-imposed standard.  Looking at her before and after, it’s not hard to see how significant an improvement her new tits provided to the overall package, nicely balancing out the remainder of her form.  Of course Porn Tube has a selection of Lucy’s hottest scenes from both before and after her procedure so you may judge for yourself which edition you prefer.  Tit size aside, one thing that doesn’t change is the ferocity which Lucy brings to all her roles, demonstrating a level of aggression that is legendary within the industry.
In interviews Lucy claimed to really enjoy doing porn, particularly in contrast to dancing which she found grueling, leaving her legs bruised from the pole and requiring her to stand for eight hours at a time while wearing high heels, while porn shoots generally lasted less than four hours, and simply involved having sex in various positions and was work she found to be quite fun, excepting of course when she found herself at odds with the people she was working with which unfortunately was a fairly frequent occurrence.  Ms. Lee was jettisoned from her exclusive contract with Terravision Studios in 2006, the studio citing “personality conflicts” their other contract stars.
The very personality traits that gained Ms. Lee such widespread acclaim would also be her undoing, she was imprisoned a number of times for DUI, assault and vandalism, more often than not as a byproduct of her uncontrollable temper which sometimes found her threatening her costars and/or storming off set.  It is a testament to the strength of her performances that she continued to be cast in spite of her well-deserved reputation as being somewhat erratic and unpredictable.  
Over the course of her approximately five year career she appeared in about 230 titles, and was nominated for an AVN Award for “Best Group Sex Scene” in 2006 for her standout performance in the big budget, but otherwise widely panned “Scorpio Rising”, directed by Paul Thomas for Vivid Studios. Ms. Lee reportedly left the porn business in 2008, much to the dismay of her loyal fans who would surely welcome the return of this Asian spitfire.

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