Mason Moore

About Mason Moore

The ultimate biker fantasy chick, Mason Moore was literally born in Los Angeles’ “porn valley”, which is particularly appropriate as she describes herself as a life-long slut.  In school she was always invited to every party as she never, ever failed to put out.  So desperate to get into the sex trade that she faked her ID to get a job as a stripper at the age of 17, her entree to the world of XXX porn was sadly delayed until she was 23 as her boyfriend of the time was uncomfortable with her taking cock onscreen. She found herself having to wait for the relationship to end before entering the business that really is her calling, providing intense sexual gratification for her both her lucky co-stars and adoring fans.

Extremely busty and extensively tatted with stupendous DD tits and a very ample firm round ass, Mason has gotten plenty of roles within the specialty tit and ass genres, which showcase her attributes to great effect, and her pussy has “hit it like a champ” and a pair of boxing gloves tattooed above it to encourage the hard-charging sexual poundings she so desperately craves. Not that she’s shy about verbalizing to get what she needs, as she is an accomplished potty mouth, but when a girl feels strongly enough about the rough treatment of her pussy to have specific handling instructions printed on it, you know she’s the “real deal”.
Her party girl lifestyle continues off-screen and she shares her exploits with her 71,000 twitter followers who get to vicariously experience her sexcapades and allows interaction with her on a more personal basis.  Mason has appeared in over 150 titles to date and her performances have netted her an impressive nine major porn award nominations, including the 2012 AVN award for “Unsung Starlet of the Year”, though if she continues turning in such compelling performances, she won’t continue to be unsung for long!
It’s worth noting that in addition to her other talents, Mason has been known to squirt if she’s been adequately stimulated, and fans of female ejaculation should be sure to check her out, as once she’s been thoroughly banged in every opening and her pent-up tension is high, like Old Faithful her pussy sends a geyser shooting across the room much to her fans’ delight.
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