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Nadia Hilton is a gorgeous blonde haired blue eyed pornstar with enviable 34DD-24-34 measurements that while artificially-enhanced is nonetheless a compelling sight to behold.  
Growing up in the small city of Oswego, New York on the shores of Lake Ontario, Nadia was a popular cheerleader in high school, however she was not satisfied with her body and her looks, so after saving her money for years working at a donut shop, and shortly after turning eighteen, she went in and got her tits upgraded to the lovely DD’s she sports today and got a herself a nose job.  Thanks to her new tits and now stunning visage her tips at the donut shop suddenly increased and she also landed a job at a local nightclub as a bartender.  Wanting still more money Nadia soon branched out into stripping.  Her new-found confidence opening up new opportunities to monetize her looks and Nadia discovered she really enjoyed erotic dancing and being naked for an appreciative crowd.  Always looking to further her income, she began interrogating visiting pornstars at the club who were working the strip circuit and learning from them the ins and outs of the XXX business.
Realizing that the opportunities for a career in porn were near zero in Oswego, Nadia wrapped up her affairs and moved to Los Angeles where she landed a role in a porn movie aimed at the motor-head community.  Her work soon had her doing photo-sets for lowrider and custom motorcycle magazines which led to work for more mainstream adult magazines such as FHM and Score as well as being tapped to be a spokesmodel for custom wheel manufacturer, Pimpstar Wheels.
Her relatively small filmography of only 50 titles so far is more a function of her selectivity choosing roles than a lack of interest from the industry.  An honor roll student back in the day, this girl is no dummy and she knows that sometimes less is more when managing a career as a celebrity.  Nadia intends to build a long lasting and lucrative career and becoming overexposed is a mistake she does not intend to make.  Meanwhile she has burnished her image as an “A-Lister”, seen rubbing shoulders with mainstream Hollywood celebrities while hanging out at parties at the famous Playboy Mansion, where she has allegedly joined the ranks of “grotto girls”, which is the honorary title given to girls who have sex with fellow partiers in the Playboy Mansion’s infamous playspace.
Ever conscious of managing her image in the gossip pages, Nadia has been rumored to be romantically linked to fellow pornstar Aaliyah Jolie.  Whether this alleged relationship is real or just an image-boosting publicity stunt is yet unknown, but the mental image of these two blonde bombshells together is certainly an exciting prospect for their fans as while the two have appeared in three titles together, they’ve only had one scene where they directly interacted in Black Widow Productions’ “School of Hardcore” way back in 2005. 
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