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The Grande Dame of American XXX porn, Nina Hartley has had a career that has seen her working continuously for almost 30 years.  Born in March 1959 and raised in Berkeley, California with all that that implies, Nina’s parents were Jewish but began practicing Buddhism while Nina was still a youngster.

Nina by all accounts had a very warm and loving home life growing up, and other than her profound fascination with sex, Nina showed no signs of her future career path during her early life. She graduated at the top of her class, magna cum laude from San Francisco State University School of Nursing in 1985 before practicing for a while as a registered nurse.  While she was still in school, Nina got a job stripping at America’s oldest and most notorious adult entertainment establishments, the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater and followed that up with her first porn role while she was still a junior in college.
Unlike many of the legendary performers of porn’s “golden age” of the mid-eighties, Nina has simply kept working starting out in a time when people would go to a “dirty movie theatre” and VCRs were just starting to appear in the average American household.  As technology changed the porn business, Nina changed right along with it, starting in the film and VCR era with elaborate plots and actual acting skills required, transitioning to the DVD era and later to the internet age and gonzo porn, always staying desirable and relevant, timeless in an ever-changing world.
No empty-headed dummy, Nina became a spokesperson for the industry, and accomplished author, political activist and sex-friendly feminist.  She played a major role in the hit 1997 film “Boogie Nights” where she played a philandering wife of a porn director, played by William H. Macy.  
In her private life, Nina is polyamorous and was involved in a twenty-year long three-way relationship.  She is currently married to BDSM specialty porn director, Ernest Greene with whom she has worked on a number of titles, notably “The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women” and “O: The Power of Submission.”  She has used her notoriety for good, releasing a series of films aimed at the couples market that provide explicit guidance on how to perform in bed, covering everything an inexperienced or embarrassed person could want to know about anal sex, cunnilingus, deep throating, hand jobs, lesbian sex, bondage and more.  Always reassuring her viewers that their sexual desires and fetishes are something to be enjoyed rather than ashamed of, Nina mixes hardcore action with commentary that subjects every imaginable pleasure to the “how to” format, providing an unimaginably valuable benefit to couples seeking help with their bedroom activities.
Nina has appeared in over 940 titles to date and has directed 17.  She has also done countless magazine spreads and stand-alone internet videos and has won too many major porn awards to list.  Her output shows no sign of slowing and she maintains an active Twitter feed with over 100,000 followers. Porn Tube has this timeless icon of smut in a collection of her most compelling performances, all just a click away!

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