Penny Porsche

About Penny Porsche

Penny Porsche is a pornstar who is from Ohio and she has blonde hair and a really big set of tits. Her bust size when she started working in the industry was 38E but she had a reduction down to a 38D. One of the reasons she cited was the simple fact that she couldn't find many good bras. She says there is not a good selection of sexy bras when your tits are that large. In 2004 she performed in  "Toe Jam 4" from Skin Tight Productions. She has a foot fetish scene and after her partner sucks her toes she gives him a blowjob. Stroking his cock with her feet gets him to soak her feet with his cum before the scene ends.
"Big Gorgeous Breasts 1" from Illicit Pictures was another of Ms. Porsche's early films. It's a fitting title for her and it's also no surprise that she is pictured on the DVD box cover. Her scene is with Dino Bravo and she's teasing him with her tits and then whips them out for him to squeeze and suck on. He gives her some good oral sex next with a lot of clit play too. Sucking and fucking his cock she brings him to an orgasm that lands on her face and in her open mouth.
Penny Porsche is the type of woman who one might think was well aware of her own attributes. However the fact is that it wasn't until she joined the adult industry in her mid forties that she realized she had a special clitoris. As she began doing scenes, people kept remarking on how big and erect her clit was and she thought everyone else's was like that too. She is also an extremely sensitive lover with her nipples and clit being at the top of the sensitive list and she is even able to squirt and lactate.
Penny Porsche only worked for five years as an adult pornstar and her filmography has 54 film titles in it. She only ever filmed one sex scene in which she got fucked in the ass and it was "Older and Anal 21" which was during her debut year. Porn fans who favor mature busty women wish she would have stayed in the business for a few more years but are thankful for the scenes she made during her career.

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