Peter North

About Peter North

Peter North is a male pornstar who was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and moved to the United States. In the early 1980's he was modeling athletic wear at a private party in Los Angeles when a man handed him a business card. Peter was in some financial difficulty at the time and although he was not really into doing gay porn, he ultimately agreed to do about two dozen gay movies under the stage name of Matt Ramsey. An early example of this work was "Cousins" from Catalina Video Distributors which was directed by William Higgins.
He began working in heterosexual roles under the name Peter North shortly afterwards and he worked in "Black and White Affair" from Vidco Entertainment in 1984. The film featured interracial encounters and he fucks black pornstar Sahara in the movie. Another 1984 releases was "Breaking It" from Collector's Video in which Peter has a scene with three female pornstars and delivers one of his signature big cumshots. The film was infamous also because it contained Traci Lords whose scene was later deleted after the scandal involving her.
Peter has enjoyed much success in the porn industry being a performer under very high demand. In an interview with him and some others speaking about it, it was reported that he was habitually late to filming. When he would arrive he would often ask that they film his scenes immediately so that he could be finished for the day. Also there were some directors who said that North would often bristle if and when his gay porn movie past was brought up for whatever reason. It's not something he wanted to do he would later say, but he was so in debt and owed money to lenders to such a degree that he agreed to do it and simply did it to get the job done and be paid.
Peter North is one of the most successful and well known male porn stars to ever work in the adult industry. He has racked up nearly 1900 film credits as a performer and has performed in probably three times as many scenes or more. As a director he has 63 movie credits and is also maintaining an online presence. Although a very reclusive person, Peter is still one of the most recognizable pornstars and most likely will never fully retire

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