Priya Rai

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Date of Birth
December 25, 1977

(Priya Anjali Rai)

Born in 1977 in New Delhi, India, Priya Anjali Rai emigrated to the United States at the age of two with her family, eventually settling in Arizona where she attended Arizona State University. While in college she had a minor modeling career in fashion and swimwear, and eventually branched out to exotic dancing which she was doing for about 12 years before she decided to go into porn.

Priya entered the XXX business very late at the age of 30, and while she might technically be a MILF, she sure doesn’t look it. She is well known for her squirting orgasms, filthy and verbose dirty talk, stunning petite body (originally with D cups, subsequently enlarged to ‘E’s in 2011) and smoking-hot exotic looks.

Ms. Rai certainly captured the attention of fans and industry-types alike with her unique arresting beauty and tsunami-like orgasms accompanied by loud vocalizations. She achieved instant stardom, appearing in over 90 titles to date and receiving an AVN award for “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene” in 2009 for her appearance in “Cheerleaders” for Digital Playground Pictures in which she co-starred with Jesse Jane, Tommy Gunn, Memphis Monroe and Alexis Texas. Priya enjoys breaking people’s pre-conceptions of what she should be like. Besides the obvious dichotomy of a nice college-educated girl from a good Indian family doing porn, there’s her love of steak, the eating of which is a sin in her native culture, and something that even most irreligious Hindu don’t partake in. She finds a nice thick steak is something she just can’t resist. She also has a very unexpected love of muscle cars. Less surprising is that Priya meditates to keep in tune with her spiritual and sexual energies. Arguably it’s the unusual combination of sometimes contradictory qualities that Priya embodies that gives her such universal appeal, crossing many different niches of the XXX marketplace that makes her so beguiling. Porn stardom aside, Priya remains very down to earth. As she has stated in her personal bio, “I like a man with an imagination. The way I look at it is, a man doesn't have to be rich if he can transform a one bedroom apartment into a stylish condo. A man doesn't have to be famous if he can make me feel special. He can show me off to all his friends; buy me flowers and open the car door for me. I want a man who imagines being with me forever!"

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