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An self described “army brat”, Renae Cruz was born on a US military base in The Philippines in November of 1987.  Her childhood involved moving around base to base with her family growing up, most notably she lived a full year in Brazil in her teens.  As she describes her itinerant upbringing “I learned two things, Portuguese and the ability to adapt”.  While the utility of knowing how to speak Portuguese now that she’s an adult and living in The States is up for debate, being able to adapt to changing circumstances has served her quite well.
Her porn career was the result of a chance encounter with the head of a major porn studio at a dinner party.  Her stunning good looks and sparkling personality caught the gentleman’s eye and he simply had to make her an offer.  They brought her in to do a photo shoot, and she proved to be a natural, described as “absolutely gorgeous... cute, young with a great sexual appetite and fun to be around”.  Suddenly Renae found herself pornstar, which required a certain amount of adaptability to say the least.
Renae has appeared in nearly 200 titles to date for which she has received four major porn award nominations, but she is best known for her portrayal of “J-Ho” starring in the big-budget porn production “Not Jennifer Lopez XXX - An American Idol” which leveraged her uncanny resemblance to “Jenny from the Block” in a spoof of the mega pop star’s biography which was a big hit and brought her wide acclaim.  
In an interview shot on the set of “Slutinas 4” Renae revealed that unlike most women, she doesn’t really recall her first or even second time having sex.  What she does remember was her first truly hard fucking which she believes was maybe her third or fourth sexual partner.  Once she got a taste of severe fucking she knew that this was the type of action she really enjoyed, a preference that has served her well as she sucks and fucks her way up the ladder of pornstars.  Renae brings her particular brand of fiery Latina heat and aggression to all of her roles, and her fans and costars really appreciate the gusto with which she performs, giving every scene 110 percent.
While she is always going to have a large following among fans of Latina porn, the strength of Renae’s performances, her versatility and her great beauty has allowed her to break out of that restrictive box and she has appeared in scores of non Latin-themed productions where she appears with no apology, relying on her innate charms and swashbuckling sexual style to make converts of those who wouldn’t otherwise give Latinas a second look.
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