Rocco Siffredi

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Date of Birth
May 4, 1964

(Rocco, Rocco Daryl Tano, Rocco Daryl Tano Jr., Rocco Sieffredi, Rocco Sifredi, Rocco Tano, Rocco Ziffredi, Rocky Si...)

Rocco Siffredi is a famous Italian pornstar who was born in Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy. During his college years he left school in order to help his brother by working as a waiter in his restaurant in France. While relaxing in a French sex club in 1984 he happened to meet Gabriel Pontello who was at the time the editor of "Supersex" magazine. He was introduced to Marc Dorcel and Michel Ricaud who would later cast Rocco in his very first porn movie called "Belle d'Amour" in 1987. He also performed in "Attention fillettes" for the same company in his debut year. In the 1990 movie called "Buttman's Ultimate Workout", Rocco has a couple of scenes and one of them is a group sex scene. The performance was good enough to earn him an AVN award nomination in the category of Best Group Sex Scene. He often works in scenes with anal sex and is known for his love of the ass. He also has gotten a reputation for liking rough sex. He is often on the giving and sometimes on the receiving end of a little rough love play in his scenes. He is often recognized on the streets of France and in his home country of Italy as well with people sometimes even quoting him from various movie scenes. Rocco answered some fan questions in an online interview and cleared up a few things about his sex life. With so many of his scenes being threesomes or group action, he is always asked if he has multiple partners in his real life. Rocco answers that no he almost never has more than one sexual partner in his real life citing the simple fact that it's exhausting. He tries to total up the number of women he's had sex with since it's also a frequently asked question and he comes up with approximately 3000 women. Rocco Siffredi is still an actively performing pornstar and to date he has appeared in more than 500 films. He has also directed more than 230 of them and continues to do so with his studio Rocco Siffredi Produzione. He retired for a time around 2004 but after becoming frustrated with his male talent he returned to performing in 2009 and continues to work as performer, director and producer.

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