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Romanian pornstar Sandra Romain from the charming small city of Timisoara was working at a travel magazine when one day when there wasn’t much to do so she idly flipped through a coworker’s pornographic magazine to kill some time while waiting for quitting time.  Her boss caught her and rather than reprimand her, he told her he could get her in the magazine if she wanted.  Assuming, as she puts it “he was blowing smoke up my ass” Sandra agreed.  As it turns out, he was not blowing smoke and soon enough she was in Hungary doing her first XXX film.
This turn of events are a but surprising as Sandra was always a shy reserved girl, and in fact she married the first boy that she had ever dated, a man to whom she is married to this day.  Lots of surprising things have taken place over the course of her porn career, she had started out as a girl who had only tired anal a couple of times and despised it, as she tells the story: “I remember watching a movie with some French girl. This girl did anal really easy. I thought we should try and see how I liked it. I didn't know anything about this. I didn't know anything about cleaning or how you have to do this stuff. Everything was painful. I don't want to say more. But I really, really hated it. Then we tried again after that and I said this wasn't for me. This will never work. But today I can easily do a triple anal."  You read that right, triple anal!
Sandra has become known as the “Anal Queen”, and certainly taking three pornstar-sized cocks up your ass at the same time takes quite a bit of skill and determination, but it has become something of her trademark, and given the near complete lack of competition on this front, it’s a title that is likely to remain hers alone for quite some time, though having viewed her extensive catalog of scenes available here at Porn Tube, one wonders if perhaps she’s holding back on a four cocks in the ass performance should her title ever be challenged.
Ms. Romain has been a very hard working slut, appearing in over 600 titles and receiving over 30 major industry awards and nominations from her peers who appreciate her hard-charging, aggressive style which includes slapping her costars if they are not adequately delivering the goods, egging them on to fuck her harder and harder, if they don’t comply there’s surely another humiliating slap on the way so best they dig in and get to pounding.  It is thus that Sandra manages to make her costars better performers right there in real time, and after the stinging dies away and their egos are calmed, the tape shows that often her encouragement has helped them turn some of the best performances of their careers.  Sandra knows that in any given scene, the strength of the performance is held back by the weakest actor, and Sandra’s stern tutelage has saved many a sinking scene.
Sandra has had a lot of names over her career, and finding her work under her various aliases can be a chore.  Fortunately for you Porn Tube has amassed over 200 of Sandra’s best performances, available free, right here, right now.  See for yourself why this euro-slut’s career has been so long and illustrious.

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