Sharka Blue

About Sharka Blue


Hailing from the small town of Chomutov in the Czech Republic, Sharka Blue was born in April of 1981 and since the age of 22 has been lighting up the screens of XXX porn fans across the globe, appearing in nearly 200 titles to date and gaining herself a legion of devoted fans who dissect her appearance and performances with a passion rivaling that of religious fanatics arguing over scripture.
That Sharka evokes such passionate responses among porn aficionados is not that surprising when one examines the body of her work and the body with which she works.  With a face that is a joy to see cum splashed across, and a tight, tanned, petite body with perfectly proportioned breasts accompanied by ever-erect nipples and holes that beg to be fucked, Sharka seems to be designed just for sex and her personality mirrors her appearance.
Interviews with this Czech sexpot show that the only difference between her private life and her movies is the presence of a film crew, and even when she’s not working she’s always on the prowl for meat to fill her holes, preferably both of them at once as she finds double penetration the most satisfying sexual act there is and  has stated that she prefers her encounters to include two men and a woman, so there’s a pussy for her to lap while her ass and gash are stuffed full of cock.
Ms. Blue loves porn, watching it all the time not only for her own gratification, but also to gain ideas about what will provide the most engaging experience for her fans, as what feels the best isn’t always what looks the best on film and she has quite correctly discerned that making sure of the quality of her output is maximized is of paramount importance for her fans.
Sharka admits to having something of an addiction to cum, saying she would take it in her coffee or drizzled over her morning Danish if she could, and insisting that she can’t live without her daily dose of cum, and perhaps jokingly claims that she always orders a creampie latte when she frequents coffee shops, hoping that the barista might take the hint and add some additional fortification to her morning java.  Her cum-coaxing talents are such that she has disrupted movie shoots by causing her costars to shoot too early creating headaches for the producers, but that’s the risk they take when casting a girl who is like her namesake the shark, a perfect predator specifically evolved and ever on the move, relentlessly pursuing her next victim, though with Sharka there’s a much happier outcome when consumed by this man-eater.
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