Trinity Post

About Trinity Post

Trinity Post is an American pornstar who was born in the city of Tucson, Arizona. She has naturally auburn hair which is usually also dyed red and she is known as a redhead in the industry. She got her start in the year 2004 and among her very first films was "First Date" from DVSX studios. She's with African American partner D. Wise in a truck and they're making out while on the way home. She gives him a blowjob and then they arrive and move to the bedroom where he penetrates her pussy in missionary position first. He fucks her nice tight ass in the scene too and gives her a facial cumshot which she eagerly licks up.
Another scene from her debut year was in the movie "Orgy World: The Next Level 7" from Evasive Angles which was directed by TT Boy. The DVD contains only two long orgy scenes and Trinity appears in the first one with about a dozen and a half other men and women. During the scene she does her share of pussy licking, cock sucking, fucking and anal fucking. She takes a facial cumshot at the end of the scene and lets some of it drip out of her mouth and into another girl's mouth. Ms. Post and her costars each won an AVN award in the category of Best Group Sex Scene at the following year's ceremony for their work in this scene.
Trinity is well known in the industry as a professional performer who shows up on time and works very hard to get her scenes just right for the director. Fans also know her for her really cute and sexy all natural body and especially her ass. Among the most praised attributes are her super sexual vibe and how she loves to fuck in the ass. Her enjoyment and willingness to have interracial sex often is mentioned as well. Trinity has a sister who is also a pornstar and her name is Trista Post who retired in 2009. The pair have worked together in films before but not in the same scenes.
Trinity Post retired from working in the adult industry in 2011 after appearing in more than 209 movies. According to her Twitter page she has been going to school to become a nurse, although she does talk about missing her career as a pornstar too.

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