Vanessa Lane

About Vanessa Lane


Raised within a conservative Christian family in rural upstate New York, Vanessa Lane was born in October 1983.  Growing up, her family was poor, but the innocence of youth allowed her to be blissfully unaware of this fact and her descriptions of her childhood paint a picture of a perfect rural American upbringing replete with rolling down hills in tires, crab apple fights and playing in the snow with her four brothers.
As Vanessa developed, she soon discovered she had a sizable innate athletic abilities and excelled at sports at school as well as enjoying performing in the choir and school plays.  She also discovered that she had a sexual dynamism that couldn’t be contained.  Soon after her first kiss, she found herself wanting more, and practiced kissing with all the boys and girls she could muster and developed a sizable masturbation habit.  She eventually put everything together and was having sex with boys and girls nearly every chance she could get.
This was especially troubling to her conservative parents and between Vanessa’s flowering sexuality coupled with her declining grades in school, the decision was made to send her away to live with her grandmother in the hopes that the family’s strict matriarch would be able to bring Vanessa to heel.
Living with grandma didn’t agree with the free-spirited Vanessa, and soon enough she dropped out of school and began working full time at a fast food establishment, into which she threw herself with characteristic gusto.  One night she decided to try out dancing in a gentlemen’s club and for Vanessa it was a revelation, here was a profession that brought all her innate abilities to the fore, her horniness, exhibitionism and athleticism combined to make her an instant success, and it made her more money in one night than she could earn in weeks working the drive-thru.  She vowed that first night to never ever work in food service again.
Vanessa worked at erotic dancing, honing her craft and working her way down the Atlantic Coast and then the Gulf Coast before finally landing in California and making the jump into taking cock on camera, a vocation that she found even more enjoyable and lucrative than dancing had been.  She has parlayed her talents into a very successful porn career, appearing in over 320 titles to date and netting her four prestigious AVN award nominations as well as allowing her to buy a home and send money back east to fund the renovation of her parent’s house.
Like many pornstars, Vanessa has dreams of breaking through to mainstream, but regardless of whether that pans out for her or not, her XXX performances stand out as remarkably genuine.  Here is a girl that really loves her work and it really shows.
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Page Views: 172,179 | Ranking: 0279 | Measurements: 36B-22-33 | Height: 5'1" | Date of Birth: 10|14|1983