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Vicky Vette is quite the unusual XXX pornstar. Born in Norway in June of 1965, Vicky didn’t begin appearing in porn until she was nearly 40.  She had submitted some photos for Hustler Magazine’s “Beaver Hunt” amateur submission contest, and won a photo-spread in the magazine, after which offers to appear in other magazines and movies poured in. 
Her success so relatively late in life, beside her undeniable hotness is probably greatly attributable to her genuinely high-charged sexuality.  Prior to being discovered she was an avowed nudist and swinger who worked in the buttoned-down corporate world by day and went out and got freaky by night.   
Vicky went on to appear in over 160 videos, and der background in business served her well as she quickly realized that the bulk of the money made was in producing the content, rather than just collecting a day rate as a performer; she also had the foresight in 2006 to recognize the coming end of the DVD age and decided to launch her own website.  
Rather than hiring a webmaster to build her a site, she taught herself HTML, built a site and over time has turned the Vicky Vette name into something of a porn juggernaut.  Another one of the reasons she struck out on her own beside the obvious financial benefit was that she doesn’t believe in “acting” during her performances and considers faking an orgasm for a video to be dishonest in the extreme.  On her website Vicky tells the story of an incident that occurred while shooting a solo scene for one of the major porn studios where the director asked her to turn off her vibrator to help the sound quality and was asked to fake her orgasm.  Vicky firmly believes that fans can tell when a performance is being faked, and vowed to never again subject herself to such demands. 
Vicky ceased producing and appearing in DVDs and concentrated her efforts on the online porn business which at the time was still in its earliest stages of development.  Her online porn business also allowed her a level of interaction with her fans that was previously impossible and has been embraced by the porn consuming public. The online community which she single-handedly created has provided her with her own standing army, called the “Vette Nation Army” or VNA which first made its presence felt in 2007 when Vicky entered an online “Best Boobs” contest and her minions created a tidal wave of voting, blowing away the competition and giving Vicky the win. 
Vicky also reached out to other pornstars, providing space within her growing constellation of websites for them to present their work, and the “VNA Girls” phenomenon was born, which under Vicky’s tutelage allowed a community to develop that allows fans direct interaction with their favorite pornstars.  Vicky’s Twitter feed has well over 350,000 followers, a number that puts her well above some of the biggest names in porn.  Not bad for a woman pushing 50 in an industry dominated by 20-somethings. 
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