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About Abella Danger

Danger is beautiful and that is where her stage name Abella Danger comes from. The second part of her stage name is last name of a guy she was dating back then. It was this same guy who "convinced" young Abella to start shooting porn. He was already in porn and after a few months of begging her to shoot with him, she finally said yes. She loved it and later on filmed four more scenes with him. Danger was actually ashamed of how much she actually loved porn and she became hungry for more and wanted to work with other talents as well. After that she took a trip to Los Angeles, met with Spiegler and the rest is pretty much history. Danger officially joined porn industry in September, 2014. Abella grew up in a Jewish family in Miami, Florida to parents who originally came from Kiev, Ukraine. She was born on November 19, 1995 and was into dancing since she was like three years old. Ballet made her stretchy and it is her stretchiness she is taking advantage of a lot in her porn scenes. Already being of exotic foreign looks, Abella Danger start growing that ridiculously amazing ass at early teens, what made her, well, different. At one point her schoolmates started making fun of her, but eventually she became confident and start loving the fact that she was different. "Young Jew," or how Abella Danger calls herself on Twitter, lost her vag virginity when she was 16 years old and anal virginity on camera. The first ever penis she saw in her life was Derrick Pierce's, on film, of course. The name Abella Danger fits her just perfectly. She is a sweet lady but at the same time her kinkiness and naughtiness goes beyond and above average. In a super short time she did way more than a normal pornstar is capable of. She did anal, she did IR, she went extra kinky with Kink and more. No wonder why she grew an enormous fan base on Twitter in a matter of months. But it is not only due to scenes, her cuteness, ass and what she is capable of that made her famous so quick. It's also due to her down to earth approach to her honourable fans. She is interacting with as many as possible during her day to day obligations, showing everyone that she is a normal human being and not trying to be something more.

A girl of many surprises, Abella Danger is not holding herself back and loves giving opinions and sharing her point of view on everything imaginable. Besides pornography, dancing is her second passion. Danger also loves rap music and is a big fan of vaping. In case you are new to the world of Danger, open your eyes, watch our Abella Danger video collection and be on the lookout for what is about to come next. Danger is to be expected, lots of it.







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