Adriana Chechik

About Adriana Chechik

Mysterious and beautiful she is, Adriana Chechik grew up in Pennsylvania in foster care without really knowing of what descent she is. She looks very European and is told that she is a bit of English, Russian and Serbian but who knows. It will remain a mystery what makes her extra special. Adriana was born on November 4, 1991 and when still being in school she met a stripper. Together they started going to strip clubs and at some point Adriana Chechik decided to join her friend on stage. They later moved to Miami and took everyone's breath away with their stripping skills. After some time of performing as a stripper a guy hit Adriana up, asking her if she would be interested in filming an XXX video. At that time Chechik became a kinky girl of many sexual fantasies and porn happened to be a safe outlet for her. She could not made her dreams come true in her personal life, but she knew she can fulfil them in adult industry. She did not start slow and in 2013 debuted with a boy-girl-girl scene. It was a horrid experience at the beginning but when she got comfy, everything became much easier and lots of fun. Later in her career, Adriana Chechik continued fulfilling her sexual fantasies, making her fans go wild for her. She went all in and filmed not only several double penetrations but also double and even triple anals. She is not in the business to get crowned anal queen, she is in to become the DP queen. Adriana is very successfully approaching the title with all the kinky and hardcore stuff she enjoys doing a lot. With porn, her personal sexual life improved and having huge cock hunger, she is fucking all the time. She has several fuck buddies with whom she is getting wild off camera. Her personal sex life became more active than porn life. Fun fact: The older Adriana Chechik gets the younger she gets mentally. There is nothing Adriana would not do and she loves serving with content of all kinds, bringing fans of many genres all under one roof. The Chechik roof. She came up with her stage name by choosing Adriana because it starts with an "a," meaning she would always be on the top of the talent list. The last name, Chechik, she took away from horror director David Chechik. Year 2015 was quite a solid year for Adriana Chechik, winning several adult entertainment business awards. She won titles for Most Outrageous Sex Scene, Superslut and Orgasmic Analist to name a few.

Off camera, when not fucking around with a group of her fuck-friends, she enjoys hiking, playing RPG games, board games and puzzles. She is also fan of the green stuff, good food and her puppies (she has two patterdale terriers) mean the world to her. The crazy world of Adriana Chechik is on full tilt and although she did almost everything, this girl knows how to surprise. Be prepared and watch out for what comes next by the Chechik beast!







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