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About Casey Calvert

A smart girl who is not afraid to express her kinkiness. A girl who grew passion for bondage at an early age and did a well thought research about porn (first saw it when she was 13) before she dived in. Born on March 17, 1990, Casey Calveret is a pornstar who grew up in Gainesville, Florida in a conservative Jewish family. She was a shy girl who was very into sports (gymnastics and rock climbing). Despite the fact of her hold back approach to (having) sex in high school, she knew she wanted to do porn from a young age. It only happened when Casey Calveret was 21 years old when she lost virginity to a 48 year old guy. Casey lost anal virginity before vaginal and in her 21st year she also first fooled around with a girl in a threesome. It was older guys that she always felt attracted to the most and never really got adventurous with the high school guys. After losing both vag and anal virginities, she slept with approximately eight guys before she joined porn community. Calveret is not your average pornstar and is really standing out from the crowd. She has a degree in film and double-minor in anthropology and zoology. Prior to her porn career Casey Calveret did not have any real jobs, she only helped professor in college. In the adult world she first started as a fetish model and then in November of 2012, after Mark Spiegler convinced her, decided to go for it and shot her very first porn scene. She shot her very first scene for SexArt and it was a romance shoot, a kind of sex she was not really used to. Over the years Casey Calveret grew her passion for the industry and started filming all sorts of stuff: from romantic and vanilla stuff to gonzo and fetish. Her stage name is a mix of her child celebrity crush's initials - K.C. (read casey) - and her professor's last name who taught her all about porn back at university.

Casey Calveret calls herself a BDSM specialist and it was spanking what started everything - also her favorite fetish. Aside from porn, Casey likes to bake, watch movies, stay at home and take naps. In her spare time she also likes updating her official website ( by writing new blogs and such. Writing is also one of her passions. Take away the porn part of her life and she becomes a normal girl who's favorite breakfast are pancakes and dessert chocolate-anything.

It is safe to say that there are not many girls out there in the porn field like Casey Calveret is. An intelligent pornstar who has big dreams in her life and it can happen today when she releases something that will literally blow you and your cock away. To get a better feeling what this girl is capable of, get involved in our collection of Casey Calveret videos and enlighten yourself. For the sake of your health.







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