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About Chanel Preston

Cute, funny and intelligent, Chanel Preston, was born and raised in Alaska (no, she was not a hunter nor a fisher), at 19 moved to Hawaii and when she was 25 years old made the move to Los Angeles. She grew up in a relatively normal family of three - she has two older sisters. It was her mother who was taking the three of them to church and before Chanel Preston went to public school, she spent three years attending Christian school. However, Preston does not describe her family as very religious one. In her early years she was a swimmer and a wrestler, wrestling both boys and girls. When kid, she used to make balloon animals and such. Why are you hiding this talent Chanel?

At the age of 19 Chanel Preston moved to Hawaii following her best friend and ended up staying there for six years. It was in Hawaii when she got into stripping under the name Chanel. Preston always felt confident with herself and with her body, but it was through stripping when she developed her sexual intelligence. After a certain amount of time stripping, a lady from the strip world asked her if she would like to try porn. Lady believed Preston would do really well. At first Chanel refused the offer, but after she gave it a deep thought, she knew this is something she could do. And this is how Chanel Preston broke into the adult entertainment business in 2010, moved to Los Angeles and became famous pretty quickly. Chanel has a very exotic look, owns one hell of a body and is no stranger to doing some really hardcore stuff. No wonder why she gained immediate fame.

She lost virginity to a friend of hers at a party when she was 15. Preston wasn't crazy active, fucking around with different guys, before porn. She had two, three years each, relationships and a bad urinary tract infection which left her sex-free for a year.

Chanel Preston describes herself as a home person who likes to read, watch documentaries and play with her cats. She enjoys being active, spending time outside and is obsessed with Japan and Japanese culture.

In her very rich porn career, Preston won several business awards. XBIZ, CAVR, XCritic, NightMoves and XRCO awarded her as Best New Starlet. In 2011 Penthouse Pet got crowned as NightMoves' Best Female Performer and in 2014 scored AVN's Most Outrageous Sex Scene award.

Born Rachel Ann Taylor on December 1, 1985, Chanel Preston is a very adventurous and curious person who likes trying new things. She prefers missionary and also likes getting fucked in the ass missionary style. She calls herself the ultimate lady in the streets but freak in the sheets.

While already being busy with acting, Chanel tries to help people all around the globe getting comfortable with sex through her website and a series of web episodes called "Naked With Chanel." No matter how comfortable or uncomfortable you are, sex-wise, Chanel Preston gives advices, tips and shares her experiences with a fun and hilarious approach. Learn from the best!







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