Dillion Harper

About Dillion Harper

Baby faced daddy's girl, Dillion Harper, was born on September 27, 1991 and raised in Florida. She was born in Auburndale and was only child until she was 8, that's when her father met this lady who became her stepmother. She grew up in a small and conservative town of close minded people and was known as a troubled child. Although she tried and hold herself back, trying not to go too crazy showing her wild side, Dillion Harper was constantly throwing down parties. At those parties, when being drunk, she liked making out with girls, but she never made the move to actually fuck them. Not until she got into porn. Yes, her first official experience with a girl was on set in front of cameras.

To show people and the community she was surrounded by she is a good person, she started working hospitality jobs and went to school for dental hygiene. Before entering porn industry in 2012, Dillion Harper was working at Olive Garden and doing webcam stuff in her room right next door her parents' room. She was doing webcamming on the side, until a friend of hers told her she should start doing porn. At the time she was paying for rent, car and attending school and she needed to find a job that would earn her more money. Before she even watched any porn and having no real perception what it is like, she jumped on Craigslist and started sending out her photos. No agent, no nothing. It was Bella Roxxx who contacted her and she was Dillion's first actual connection with the adult entertainment business. Bella was her "tutor" explaining Dillion Harper how porn industry works and also shared a piece of her life story with her. It was a gut feeling for Harper and she always knew she is a born entertainer. She packed her bags and headed to south Florida to break into porn and start making name for herself. Dillion had some experiences being in front of the camera teasing people while doing web cam shows, but porn was something completely different and new for her. She had no idea everything is so professional and she felt weird standing in front of cameras getting fucked by this talent. It took her a little while to forget about everything and stop worrying about stuff. Then, when she got into her routine, it was a comfortable and relaxing experience. Dillion is a great example that learning on the set is possible.

Dillion Harper got her first name from her agent in Florida who first named her Dillon. It was too boy-ish of a name for Harper. Agent said she can spell it with an "i" as Dillion. She was into it and due its uniqueness, she didn't bother herself changing it ever since.

Cute and innocent real 32D boob owner Dillion Harper likes spending time outside, shopping, cooking and baking and playing guitar.







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