Jessie Rogers

About Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers is a Latin American pornstar who was born in Brazil and later moved San Francisco. She has beautiful blonde hair and an all natural body with one of the most curvaceous backsides in porn according to fans. She began working in the industry in 2011, supposedly filming her first scene just one day after her eighteenth birthday

One of Jessie's first scenes was in "Barely Legal 124" from Hustler Video. Her scene is the third one along with costar Eric John. She's a cheerleader and wants to show him some of her moves so he asks her to do them naked. After a few cheers they're making out and she's giving him a nice looking blowjob on her knees. They fuck in a few different positions before she sucks him until he cums right into her mouth.
While she does love fucking guys, Jessie is also into girls and she films "Lesbian Bridal Stories 5" from Girlfriends Films early in her career. She and fellow newbie Lily Carter are paired in the scene and they spend a lot of time kissing and rubbing each other. They finger each others pussies and spend a lot of time getting acquainted with each other's bodies. They make a lovely pair with both of them being all natural and somewhat petite with Jessie being the taller of the two. She later mentions that she enjoys being with girls more than guys and it's because of some of these early scenes.
Jessie Rogers gave an interview later in her career and answered some interesting questions about her porn career. Saying that she got into the business so that she could "slut out" in a safe environment because pornstars are always tested and clean before performing. She felt it was the best way to go and if it didn't work out she could always chalk it up to sowing her wild oats. Her personality is one of a very horny girl and she even says that she's the most likely one to get naked at a party and start having sex right in front of everyone. Porn seemed like the best choice for her.
Ms. Rogers did retire from making porn movies after appearing in about 60 of them by 2013. Fans wish she had stayed for longer but are thankful for the hot scenes she left behind.