Jillian Janson

About Jillian Janson

An independent lady from her early years, Jillian Janson grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her mother who was at some point part of sex toy business. Also known as AnnaLynn Grace and Jillian Brookes, Janson needed a little while to finally came up with her stage name JJ. She knew she want to go big in the industry and stay in for as long as possible and it was Jillian Janson which she found suiting her the best - also because short nickname, JJ, is very appealing to her. Growing up, it was hard for Janson and her mother. Her first job was working at McDonald's to help support both herself and her mother and later on worked in retail and as a telemarketer. While in high school she was keeping more to herself because she hated all the drama she was surrounded with. Jillian Janson became a very sexual person ever since she lost her virginity when she was only 13. She found out about pornography the same year and started enjoying lesbian scenes when she was fifteen years old. Young JJ experienced her very first orgasm after finding mother's secret stash of sex toys. She picked up the one that was not opened and the pulsing feeling of vibrations were enough for her. For her good looks in high school, a friend of hers encouraged her to start doing webcam shows. After she turned eighteen she went for it and loved it. Soon after, Jillian Janson got introduced to the adult business by an agent who found her through her webcam shows. It was hours long chat and at the end she got booked for her first adult scene for August, 2013, for Barely Legal. At the time she was still in high school and when her peers found out about her new career, they started bulling her, making her drop out of school so she could pursue porn full-time. After moving to California, she started living the dream. Porn allowed JJ to open up as a person, but did not transform her into something more. She is still who she is, a hard working woman who is being in touch with her fans on a daily basis. Adventurous and outgoing, but afraid of dark due to all the scary movies she watched over the years, Jillian Janson does not drink coffee nor smoke, but she likes to party and getting off.

Due to her harsh teen years growing up with her mother, Jillian developed a thick skin and became a smart and independent woman. Despite the fact that she did not get much attention in high school, she enjoys being recognized for doing what she loves - she was nominated several times for industry's top awards. Having a lot of experiences from her personal and adult life, future holds only good things for Jillian Janson. Say hello to the queen on Instagram (@xojillianjanson) and Twitter (@xojillianjanson).







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