Kota Skye

About Kota Skye

Born on April 17, 1994 in Ohio and raised in Tampa, Florida, Kota Sky, formerly known as Dakota Sky, grew fame exponentially due to her young/baby look. She has got the looks by her mother who worked as a stripper. She chose name Dakota because a male performer was calling her like that (does she really look like Dakota Fanning?). On February, 2015 she decided to shorten it and started using simply, Kota. Her eyes are blue as sky and that's where her second part of her stage name, Sky, comes from. In high school Kota Sky was a pop punk kid, wearing a lot of dark clothes and constantly dying her hair. Later she became a complete opposite, transforming into a girlie girl. In her early years she did ballet, gymnastics and cheerleading. Kota likes dogs (a lot!), music both listening and playing and spinning flags.

Sky started earning money doing webcam shows and later got into retail, working at Walmart. After a while she decided to quit her normal 9-5 retail job and started doing webcamming only. Doing web cam stuff for a certain amount of time, Kota Sky realized it is too personal for her. She entered porn business in 2013 after an agency approached her on Twitter. She always admired the whole porn industry and always wanted to be part of it. Kota Sky signed up with East Coast Talent and worked with them for about eight months or so before she started working with Mark Spiegler.

First she started doing porn professionally in Miami and later moved to California. Her first scene was with three other girls and a guy and she wasn't really nervous about it. She felt prepared for it due to all the web cam work she did prior to porn. Soon after Kota Sky entered porn business her fame skyrocketed. She believes it's due to her young look, innocent girl role and because she is good at what she does.

She lost virginity at the age of 13 and was with a girl for the first time in 7th grade. She prefers both men and women. When it comes to men she likes it rough and when it comes to women she likes intimacy. Dakota likes getting fucked in the ass. She even stated that her ass is accepting dicks way better than her vagina. In her personal life Dakota Sky is quite shy, but when it comes to sex and fetishes she likes daddy-daughter stuff and goes all in in front of camera. Sky said, she likes spending time on set, watching director, because one day she would like to start directing adult movies herself.







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