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Lezley Zen

About Lezley Zen

Lezley Zen is an exotic looking pornstar from Charleston, South Carolina. Her looks are partly due to her being of mixed Irish and Cherokee Indian descent. She is a busty girl who has had breast augmentation in the past and she has a few tattoos on her body as well. In 1998 she appeared in a film called "Dr. Dick 3" from Sudboro productions in which she has a hardcore scene. Then in 2001 she worked first with Randy Spears and then Sunrise Adams in the movie "April In January" from Jill Kelly Productions.

Prior to her joining the adult industry, Lezley had been a restaurant manager. In an interview she mentioned that there were some weeks that she worked nearly 120 hours and still only grossed about $1,200. After ten years of that sort of work, it was a very easy decision to stay in the adult film business. Her original intent was to make a few movies just to spite her fiancé but the money she was earning was entirely too good to turn her back on. Her friends and family are supportive and were not surprised really that she wound up in porn movies and she's happy for their support.
Lezley is one of those actresses who enjoys watching all of her feature film work. While she does not watch the gonzo sex performances, she makes a point of critiquing her actual acting parts in order to improve. Around 2006 she actually left the adult industry in order to pursue some mainstream acting roles and during that time worked in some softcore HBO and Cinemax productions. She auditioned for numerous movies and even a CSI television show. When she returned to the adult industry in 2010 she mentioned that while she still wished to work in mainstream projects, she would not be retiring from adult any time soon.
Lezley Zen is still active in the adult industry and has performed in more than 255 films so far. She has won numerous industry awards including the 2002 AVN Award for Best New Starlet and the 2005 AVN Award for Best Supporting Actress. She is not very active on social media but does maintain an official Twitter account.