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About Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann was born in Easton, Pennsylvania in May of 1972.  In 1990 while attending school to become a dental assistant, she began dancing in a strip club to make ends meet which eventually led to her entering the porn business in 1993.  Lisa had always been something of a shy tomboy growing up, more comfortable playing ball with the guys rather than engaging in typical female play, and while she certainly got over her shyness, her upbringing engaging in the rough and tumble netted her a natural athleticism and intensity that has served her well in her XXX porn roles.

Though her initial foray in adult entertainment was in furtherance of her education, which she did complete, she soon discovered that assisting in a dentist’s office was not nearly as lucrative or as fun as getting fucked on film.  Unlike many aspiring porn starlets that roll out their sexual talents, dipping a toe in the water with some softcore masturbation videos, maybe a lesbian scene or two after that, Lisa Ann went full-bore for her first outing with a BDSM video, blowing away expectations for intensity and fervor, particularly considering it was her maiden outing.
Lisa’s career was off to a roaring start and her talents were in greatest demand by the studios and fans in 1997 when abruptly she announced she was retiring from the business as a result of an industry-wide AIDS scare.  Instead of going back into dentistry, Lisa toured gentleman’s clubs and developed a popular strip act, but the passing of the scare and the lure of big money had Ms. Ann’s trajectory turning once again towards the porn industry, opening her own model agency in 2006, followed by her return to the screen shortly thereafter.  Fortunately for Lisa the years had been kind and the MILF / Cougar segment of the business was just gaining wide-spread popularity.
In 2008, Lisa was cast in what was to become her signature role in a parody film loosely based on 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate Sara Palin and produced by the legendary Larry Flint called “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?” with Ms. Ann playing the lead character, Serra Paylin cast against some of the biggest names in porn, playing other famous political figures.  The Paylin franchise has spawned a number of sequels and Lisa famously brought her Serra character “live” to the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida in 2012, appearing in a local strip club much to the delight of horny convention-goers and the news media.
Lisa’s gorgeous DDs, well-preserved looks and insatiable cock hungriness have allowed her to resume her career right where she left off nearly a decade later.  Since her return to the business, she has been one of the most awarded women in her category, nailing down 8 wins out of 15 major porn award nominations and in 2011 was named in CNBC’s “Dirty Dozen” list of the 12 most popular pornstars.
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