Maddy OReilly

About Maddy OReilly

Started her porn career in August, 2011, Maddy O'Reilly was born on May 3, 1990 in a very conservative town of Mount Airy in North Carolina. Growing up, she was a shy, boring and your typical good little girl, but still, she was a prankster. That must be due to her Irish blood. This being said, her stage name was given to her and O'Reilly was a great fit due her Irish ancestry.

Before Maddy O'Reilly got herself into porn she worked as waitress at Chili's and later selling cars at CarMax. She knew how to take advantage of her cuteness and sexuality when it came to sales. Many men nowadays are being surprised due to her car knowledge she gained while selling cars. Then time came when she felt bored with her life and didn't really know what to do. Calling herself a sex addict, she knew she wanted to explore the sexual side of Maddy O'Reilly. Living in a close minded city, it was impossible for her to use her outside the box thinking which was in one word, porn. One day, while watching pornography, she saw a "Become a model" ad by Models Wanted and she decided to fill the application. She was sure no one will call her, when, three days after she applied for the position, received a call. Boom, Maddy O'Reilly was booked for three MOFO's boy-girl scenes and the rest is history. It is the very first scene she shot that made her comfortable about her sexuality.

She was 14 years old when she lost virginity and 20 something when she was with a girl for the first time (on camera). She likes women to be extremely feminine and carry about themselves well outside the bedroom.

In early 2014 Hard X released Maddy O'Reilly's first ever anal scene directed by Mason, titled "Maddy." She didn't practice much before the scene with Manuel. The day before the shot she bought the biggest butt plug and after sticking it inside her she knew the scene is happening. She also reached out to a few anal queens like Asa Akira and Jada Stevens to get a few tips and tricks about the anal sex.

Maddy likes dancing and brake dancing and she is open to literally any kind of music for as long as it is not country (how can you not like Johnny Cash?). She also loves animals (cats and dogs) and she urges her fans to donate to humane society instead of buying her gifts off of her wishlist. Maddy O'Reilly owns a dog named Kaya, she enjoys sipping Moet Champaign and one of her future goals is to start directing movies.







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