About Mandingo

Mandingo is an African American pornstar who was born in Mississippi and raised in Los Angeles, California. While attending college he was given the nickname Mandingo and used it for his adult stage name. He graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications and has always been interested in acting and performing. He used to go to a lot of strip clubs during his college days and the idea of becoming an adult entertainer was never far from his mind. With his large and thick cock, he figured that he had what it would take so took that avenue and began performing in 1999.
One of his first movies was called "I Swallow 3" from Odyssey Group Video which was directed by Rodney Moore. He is in a group scene with three other men as well as Elle Devyne and Lauryl Canyon. He is joined by one of the other guys on the receiving end of a dual blowjob and before it's over he cums on her face. This is typical of his earliest works where he is often seen in group sex or gangbang situations.
Mandingo is reported to have an dick length greater than 11 inches and girth more than 6 inches. Don't ask him to prove it though as he says in an interview done in 2008, he has no plans to measure it. He likes the mystery surrounding the question of his dick size. For other references there's only been one pornstar able to deepthroat the whole thing. Bobbi Bliss is the girls name and while other pornstars have tried it since then, nobody else has been able to swallow the entire thing.
Mandingo has performed in more than 345 porn movies during his career and been the director of 42. He is still actively performing and has no retirement plans. He has had several film series named after him and in those 345 films he has appeared in well over 500 individual scenes. He says that he feels as good as ever and perhaps all of the hot hardcore sex that he has is helping to keep him fit. Whatever the case, Mandingo is still a popular male pornstar and will be into the future as well.