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About Megan Rain

There is a new girl on the horizon and she is already breaking boundaries with her petite cuteness. Her name is Megan Rain and all of you who like putting your brain to use, but don't really need to have a high IQ, can easily decode her second part of her stage name, Rain. Days can be rainy when there's Megan around and even if it is sunny outside. Being a squirter as she is, Rain suits her just perfectly. Megan Rain is from Palm Beach, California and was born on June 13, 1996, what makes her Gemini. Meaning her astrological sign is correct about the whole two faces thing. While she may look super cute, shy and guilt-free with a face and a smile like that, this tiny and slim starlet can go really crazy when she gets horny. And no matter if she is with a girl or a guy, she likes getting kinky with both. Since she was a very promiscuous girl, she never really masturbated before entering adult entertainment business. She never really wanted to masturbate on her own. She preferred being in company of a girl or a guy, who she did not have much problems seducing with all her gorgeousness and those mesmerizing eyes. The first ever time Megan Rain masturbated was after entering porn business and it was on a live show. After she lost her "masturbation virginity" she is now masturbating all the time, especially when she is stressed and needs to clear out her head. Being 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighting 104 pounds, this little squirt machine, Megan Rain, got into adult industry just one month after she turned eighteen years old (2014). She signed up with LA direct Models and worked with companies like Evil Angel, Digital Sin, Nubile Films and Mofo's to name a few. It was this older guy she was dating and due to both being real sex freaks she started semi-joking about porn. Things got serious and now Megan Rain is part of something we are all craving for, porn.

Megan has a rose tattoo on her right hip/belly which does not look as pretty as it once did. She got a skin infection due to tattoo studio's poor hygiene. However, with all her beauty, rose tattoo is like a shadow and you will barely notice it's damaged. It still is a nice decoration, though.

Rain says she is not in porn just for the fuck of it, she actually loves her job and of course sex. She keeps interacting with her fans through her Instagram and Twitter profiles and her official website.

In her spare time Megan Rain likes spending time with her dog Jax, eating good food, working out and doing this thing called sex.

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