Romi Rain

About Romi Rain

There are girls out there who's voice is so seducing it makes you hard only by watching them talk. Miss Romi Rain is one of them. A crazy treat who is at the same time sweat but likes it rough and talks dirty to the person who she is about to rip apart with her hands, tongue, mouth and vagina. A slap and a scratch here and there is what makes Romi horny. She is about intense sex, aggression, passion and nice things. Rain may look pretty and glamorous at the beginning of the shot, but because she gives it 110% of her effort and goes wild, she looks like she went to war at the end. She is an amazing actress who believes real sex has no limits, no boundaries and no judgements. Once you go Romi Rain you never go back.

Rain was born on January 12, 1988 in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in Dorchester. Before she got into porn she was working all kinds of jobs. At 15 she was a hostess at Chili's and later in life worked at Guess, Roosevelt Hotel and a few other jobs before she started exotic dancing when she was 19. At the age of 18 Romi Rain moved to Los Angeles and started enjoying living the life on her own. She is an open minded girl who grew up in a family where sex was not a taboo. This being said, she was always curious about the adult world. The whole process of getting herself in the adult entertainment business was an evolving one. First Romi Rain was doing modeling, shows, exotic and nude modeling and eventually started doing web cam shows for Playboy Live. She was stuck with it for a good second and then in October of 2012 took the plunge and started doing girl-girl scenes. She was used to these kind of scenes since she did many of them while webcamming. After about five months in, doing only girl-girl scenes, Romi Rain decided to dive in completely and started doing boy-girl scenes as well. Her first boy-girl scene was for Naughty America ("Naughty Office") and the second for Brazzers. Romi likes sex, is a very sexual person and loves exploring its boundaries. This brings her to the point that she really enjoys what she does and does it for the sake of her fantasies and for the sake of her fans' fantasies.

Being a cat lower, Romi Rain is often times called a cat lady (she owns brother and sister cats, Moogen and Calypso). In her spare time she likes spending time outside, being physically active, watching movies and playing video games. She is great at impressions, has amazing memory and being Italian, she loves to cook and eat good food. R&B is the music of her choice and having her nails done 24/7 is a must. Romi Rain does not sleep, she is constantly busy entertaining the world on Instagram (@romirain), Twitter (@Romi_Rain) and







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