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Smart and educated, cute and sexy, naughty and limitless, a self agent, a public sex enthusiast, you name it, Remy LaCroix is one of a kind. Her last name is very French, but only Remy is what she came up with on her own. LaCroix part of her stage name was given to her and both together form a great stand-out porn name. Her debut adult scene was with Kink in December, 2011, shooting a gangbang. Her mind and her fantasies were always beyond wild and crazy and kinky, so gangbang was something she was always looking forward to. At that time she also just came out of a relationship and being sexually frustrated, she applied to a local BDSM studio (Kink) to get properly fucked. In 2012 everyone thought sexy and cute Remy LaCroix is leaving adult entertainment business forever, when later, the same year, she surprised fans with a come back. At some point she had enough of it and had no idea how to be organized and have control over herself. A break was needed for Remy and so she came back in November, 2012 fresh and reborn. When it comes to porn, Remy LaCroix has nothing holding her back. She is open to do literally everything. Being fucked in the ass in public in an alley right behind nasty trash or having several men ejaculate in her eye probably say enough about how wild she can get. But we can all only wonder what is actually happening in the head of Remy. At some point it is hard to believe that an adorable and well educated babe can have such wild and crazy thoughts going on in her head. But we all love her for that. It is for all the wilderness and for all the skills she has, not to mention being smoking hot, that made Remy LaCroix such a success. Moreover, her family and friends are acting super supportive especially since they know LaCroix is in for the sex and not for the money.

Remy owns two cats, Rocco and Joey, and dog Kiva. By following her on Instagram (@ugottabekittenme) you will be seeing a lot of all three, because they are her babies. In her spare time, Remy loves cooking and baking and happens to be really good at it. Apparently she enjoys cooking and baking so much, she would love to release a Remy LacRoix (sex) cook book some time in the future. She also enjoys listening to music, vapping and smoking green. Remy is keeping her piping hot body in shape by doing yoga, running, climbing and hula hopping. To do yourself a favor and to bring out from the deepest parts of your body your kinkiness (that you have not discovered yet), follow this deluxe human on Instagram and Twitter (@remymeow). The Remy LaCroix show is on full whack, so join her and get blessed.







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